Pressure Monitor Program with Large Channel Count

This project involved the re-creation of a pressure monitoring program. One copy of the program was on a computer that crashed beyond salvage. The PLCs are nearly obsolete so older software was identified and downloaded. Two programs each monitor about 100 pressure transmitter values. The pressure transmitters are installed on a manifold that interfaces with a subsea control pod and completes factory acceptance tests. The scope of work for the project is below.

    • Identify the system layout & primary components. Each test station includes about 50 pressure transmitters, a junction box, and a programmable logic controller (PLC). The PLCs route to a network switch and two test computers. Each of 2 electrical enclosures contains 4 PLCs and supplies 2 test stations.
    • Determine channel assignment. In each enclosure, only 96 of the available 448 channels are used. A wiring schematic is taped to each PLC enclosure door.
    • Determine IP addresses of all network items.
    • Install old software (NI LabVIEW 15.0 SP1, NI Fieldpoint 15.0) on Aiken computer to develop software that can interface with the existing hardware.
    • Create Labview project and virtual instrument (VI) on Aiken computer.
    • numeric indicators, no gauges, will be shown. Numeric indicators will be formatted to show no decimal points. Conditional properties will be included in the program. Color is based on the pressure value: Yellow if 0<psi<2800, Green if 2800<=psi<3500, and Red if 3500<=psi.
    • A calibration tab with arrays of transmitter values will exist for 2-point calibration (4-20 mA, 0-5000 psi for example).
    • 1 Hz update rate.
    • The client will be given a copy of the files.
    • Update drivers on each PLC.
    • Install software (NI Runtime engine) on 2 clienttest computers to run an executable file.
    • Confirm readings on site.

The below items were later added to the project.

  • Rename PLCs in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) per labels in electrical enclosures. Assign IP Addresses in a logical manner.
  • Trace tubing & wires while completing a Pod factory acceptance test (FAT) to ensure program correctly displays intended transducer.
  • Change program to only display a color representing a pressure range. Program does not display the pressure transducer values.
  • Format VI Window to match resolution of Panasonic TH-50PX75U Television.
  • Place electronic copies of all the necessary files to run the program & the latest revision of the program on 2 computers and a flash drive.
  • For MUX3 and MUX4, use a hydraulic pump to conduct spot checks on sets of port, bulkhead, and electrical signal to ensure each set matches. Technicians will guide spot checks per noted discrepancies.

A picture of one electrical enclosure is below.


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