API 16A BOP Stripping Test Fixture, Make Existing Fixture Operational

This scope of work dealt with a a fixture built in the 1977-1983 timeframe and repaired in 1993 and 2003. The fixture uses (3) 250 hp pumps and a servo valve to cycle a 14″ bore, 7″ rod, 86″ stroke hydraulic cylinder along a precise motion path to complete an API 16A BOP stripping test.

The fixture lost some functionality over time due to equipment failure. Available controls have evolved significantly since the fixture’s installation and most recent repairs. The relay logic with physical pilot devices was replaced by a PLC, motion controller and custom software.

The scope of work as well as pictures of the project are below.

  • Compile & review a technical documentation package that includes the below items.
    • General specification
    • Hydraulic schematics with bill of materials
    • Piping and instrumentation details
    • Machine drawings
    • Assembly drawings
    • Electrical drawings: control circuits, logic flow charts, panel layouts, field wiring details, and interconnection diagrams
    • Building layout with plumbing details
    • Current Test Procedure
    • Current Labview Program and Visual Basic Program
  • Create a P&ID with BOM of the major test components.
  • Create a wiring diagram of the controls instrumentation.
  • Re-wire the secondary control panel that includes the motion controller.
  • Identify a malfunctioning large contactor and small contactor. Support the repair.
  • Write a LabVIEW program to control the fixture.
  • Demonstrate compliance with motion constraints
    • Amplitude=60 +/- 2″ peak-to-peak
    • Stroke rate=24 +/- 2.4 inch average
    • Peak hold time = 5 +/- 2 seconds
    • Period = 15 +/- 1 seconds per cycle.
  • Commission the revised system & complete an actual API 16A BOP stripping test.

Pictures of the test setup, pumps, and operational program are below.



























Pictures of the secondary control panel and program before Aiken completed this scope of work are below. This setup was not operational. The controls program was incomplete.


















Pictures of the secondary control panel and program after Aiken completed this scope of work are below.













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