API 16A BOP Hang-off Test Fixture, Controls Overhaul

This fixture uses a 25 HP pump, proportional valve and 22″ bore, 5.75″ rod, 18″ stroke hydraulic cylinder to achieve precision position and load control in order to apply up to 1.3 Mlbf to BOP Rams to simulate a hang-off load on the BOP rams. The scope of work of this project is as follows.

  • Rewire the controls panel. Use a NI cRIO chassis as the main PLC and a Delta RMC75E as a dedicated motion control PLC
  • Convert the program from visual basic to labview
  • Create notes on the setup of RMC75E in RMC Tools
  • Create a P&ID with BOM, control panel wiring diagram, and motor starter panel wiring diagram
  • For the no well bore pressure configuration, commission with technician & validate command load with a load cell up to 1,000,000 lbf.
  • Complete test with well bore pressure to demonstrate how the controller can maintain the hang-off load on the rams. This hang-off load is the sum of two loads, the pressure end load on the mandrel and the load of the hang-off fixture hydraulic cylinder.

Pictures of the program and panel before Aiken completed this scope of work.



















Pictures of the program and panel after Aiken completed this scope of work are below. A low resolution picture of the wiring diagram is also shown.
























A picture of the test fixture setup and a picture of the program during a test are below.








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